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Who would benefit from

Parallel Timeline Therapies?

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
  • If you’re looking for answers to life’s challenges, but want solutions that are perfectly matched to your needs and personality, then a Parallel Timeline Reading can prove to be quite helpful. Remember, these solutions come from your successes on a parallel timeline.That’s why the solutions a CPTT provides you will often have you saying, “That solution really makes sense to me! It seems like something I would come up with! Why didn’t I think of that?!”


  • If you are suffering from physical discomforts or disorders that don’t seem to be alleviated by the therapies of your licensed healthcare provider, then a Parallel Timeline Healing may prove to be helpful. Some people have reported spontaneous relief.


  • If you feel unproductive, scattered or less intuitive than you used to be; then a PTT “Quantum Focus” Session may prove quite helpful. This technique gathers 100% of your attention and focuses it on the “now” in this timeline. Many have reported feeling more focused, confident and intuitive, with a heightened ability to calmly handle stressful situations.


  • If you believe you’re destined for something greater and more mission based than your current job or career; but you’re having problems figuring out what your mission is or how to attain it, then the PTT “Destiny Writer” Method will often prove quite helpful. It combines:


  • Parallel Timeline Reading 

  • Proven business planning tools 

  • A powerful technique that actually transforms past failures into tools for your future success 

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