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Parallel Timeline Therapy / The Science of Infinite Possibiities

Parallel Timeline Therapy / The Science of Infinite Possibiities

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What are
Parallel Timelines?
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According to Professor Stephen Hawking, the number of parallel dimensions and parallel timelines are infinite and each contains a version of you. This version of you is anywhere from slightly different than you in this timeline, (you could be wearing different shoes), to vastly different (you could be the president). On other timelines you’ve made different choices that have led to different outcomes. Your choices and outcomes are also infinite. Also, all versions of you are in the “now”, because the present is the only time that exists in all of your timelines.


Due to it’s infinite nature, the following must also be true. Challenges and problems that you are currently experiencing on this timeline have already been overcome or solved on other timelines in the now. 

What are Parallel Timeline Therapies?
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So many opportunities for wisdom, healing, clarity and manifestation can be accessed by tapping into your parallel timelines. You can do that by having a session with a Certified Parallel Timeline Therapist (CPTT) or choosing to get certified so you can offer these services to others.


Here are the 5 main therapies offered by CPTTs: 


  • Parallel Timeline Reading – is when a CPTT searches for, locates and describes one or more of your parallel timelines where you’ve overcome the challenges you’ve stated having in this timeline. You can then use that information to overcome those challenges in this timeline.


  • Parallel Timeline Healing – is when a CPTT is presented with a physical problem from a client or patient. They then search for, and locate a timeline that the person does not have that problem. They then transfer the vital energy from the healthy timeline to the current unhealthy timeline, and blend it with a series of symbols and intentions so spontaneous healing can occur.


  • PTT “Quantum Focus” Technique – Many people have up to 20% of their focus on other timelines. This makes them feel scattered and ungrounded. They will frequently daydream or experience “Déjà vu”.  This is often due to a creative mind not being able to express itself, and/or chronic stress throughout one’s lifetime. People who have too much focus on other timelines, are easily frustrated, procrastinate, and find it hard completing projects. A CPTT can guide you through the “Quantum Focus Technique” to bring 100% of your focus back to this timeline. This therapeutic meditation is highly effective, and people who’ve gone through it have reported significant improvements in attention span, focus, clarity, ability to manifest, and intuition.


  • PTT “Destiny Writer” Method – When you make plans to achieve a goal, you’re creating something from your imagination and then filling in the steps needed to attain a desired outcome. With the “Destiny Writer Method” your CPTT locates a timeline where you’ve already created a similar outcome, and gives you an interpretation of the steps you took to attain that goal. Your CPTT guides you in the process of compiling that information into your “Destiny Outline”; (a timeline of the major and minor steps on the path toward the completion of your goal). At each step you will also be instructed to place a real-life challenge that may derail your efforts at that point in the timeline. Before you proceed to the next step, you must identify the lesson of that challenge, then start to utilize that lesson in all steps going further in the process. You are quite literally writing the realistic story of your success providing you with direction throughout the process of attaining it. 


  • “Physical Faith” Power Meditations – These guided meditations strengthen your personal connection to parallel timelines, ground your energy for manifestation, and help to keep you present to the unfolding opportunities around you. They’ll guide you into a state of confidence and gratitude.

Parallel Timeline Therapist
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Who should consider getting certified as a Parallel Timeline Therapist?


There are two categories of individuals that should consider getting certified as a Parallel Timeline Therapist: 


  • Licensed Healthcare Providers who regularly experience the flow of energy with patients and have had numerous intuitive experiences in their practice. 

  • Intuitive Empaths who have embraced their abilities as life coaches, healers psychics, astrologers, teachers or artists.


This certification program will strengthen, focus and direct your intuitive abilities, so you may use specific techniques to access parallel timelines for information and healing frequencies. 


This program will not give you intuitive or healing abilities if you have none to start with, or cannot conceive of their existence.

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